great article from alternet, and my first submission to the la times letters page.

AlterNet: Election 2004: Wrestling with a Gorilla

william rivers pitt regails fellow defeated progressives with a tale of an election night near-death experience... if that's what it takes to get some perspective...

i'm cooling off, ever so slightly. i'm helping a girl in my youth group start a peace club at her school- her idea, the day after the election. i'm still appalled. but i'm still repeating my mantra that there would have still been much work to be done had kerry won. i am swimming in the profound truth that as a christian, i ultimately follow christ. i am first and foremost a member of the body of christ and a citizen of God's kin-dom. i wrote a letter to the la times yesterday regarding an opinion piece by frank pastore that was full of a weirdly nationalist conservative christian theology... don't know if it will be published. i don't have the text of pastore's article, which went so far as to say that liberalism is an "evil ideology," but nevertheless this is what i said:

Re "Christian Conservatives Must Not Compromise,"

Commentary Nov. 5: As a seminarian preparing for

ministy in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ),

I am appalled by Frank Pastore's implicit correlation

of Christianity and nationalism. Pastore ranks "God,

family, and country" as central to conservative

Christianity, assuming that the United States of

America has become God's new Chosen People. This is

biblically untenable, and dangerously arrogant. The

United States is the "last great hope in the world for

freedom"? I thought the crux of the Christian faith is

the belief that Christ is our hope.

Liberals do not categorically reject God, yet neither

do they entertain the folly of believing that God is

unconcerned with the poor, the oppressed, the

occupied, and the earth.

The United States is sadly not the greatest force for

good in the world. Until we learn to cooperate with

the global community and with our created environment,

we will continue to be a force for destruction.

I agree with Mr. Pastore in one area alone: we must

not compromise. There is no compromise to be had with

nationalism and arrogance.

May peace and justice prevail on earth.

changes come... turn this world around.

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