1. I saw Ben Harper at the Claremont Folk Music Center on Sunday night. He was sitting behind the counter after the Dan Janisch/ Inara George show.
2. Yesterday during our racquetball game, Andrea returned my serve... right into my forehead. The ball hit me smack in the head, and, according to Andrea (I was doubled over in momentary pain) shot straight up and bounced off the ceiling. I'm still guilty of worse, having nailed her in the face and ear.
3. Last night I dreamed that I discovered a large Jo-Ann's near our apartment.
4. On Saturday, I stepped into one of the rivers that's developed by nearly every curb in Southern California. At six o' clock in the morning, with a two-hour drive ahead of me. I poured the puddles out of my Danskos and wished I were the kind of girl to pack extra socks instead of four tubes of lip balm in my purse.
5. Yes, Virginia, size seven circulars with a twenty-four inch cord do exist.
6. I haven't seen any of the movies up for Best Picture.
7. A mail-in request for a gun magazine came tucked into one of the church newsletters we receive. I suppose I should put it in the mail, as the stamp hasn't been postmarked, and the sender will wonder why he never received his weapons rag.
8. Ben is on jury duty.
9. It isn't raining.
10. We're watching My So-Called Life, which has always been one of my favorite television shows. It's very Sassy, so much so that they shared the same cancelation fate. When I was a freshman in high school, I was convinced that I was Angela and Angela was me. Yesterday I had the peculiar sensation that I now relate to Graham and Patty, Angela's parents, more than I relate to Angela.

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