A bit of a shocker

So I was still listening to the beautiful music (this could go on for a long time) and after the last song (an ever-so-sultry cover of My Funny Valentine), the next cd in the changer automatically started playing. And it was none other than Celine Dion, belting out The Power of Love. I've had a copy of a Celine retrospective, given to me by my friend Kwang-Sim, who is fan enough to have gone to Las Vegas with her husband to see her show. I know all the words to all the songs, being the radio hits they are, and in their own syrupy way, they give me a bit of a kick. But let's just say that the transition from My Funny Valentine to The Power of Love is not very organic or pleasant, and Celine is getting the boot until the next time I am in an unusual mood.

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