Original recipe... yum yum

I am not a cook. However, I am getting to be pretty swift when it comes to smoothies. Ever since I've had my new Back To Basics Smoothie Signature (never settle for less than a 750-watt motor, it really does make a difference), I've been designing new smoothie recipes every day. But the one I'm slurping now takes the cake: Pomegranate Mint. Here's what I threw into the pitcher, in order:

A splash of soy milk (cow milk would be ok too)
A larger splash of pomegranate juice (Pom-wonderful)
Three heaping tablespoons of plain yogurt (vanilla is overpowering)
6-8 fresh mint leaves, hand-shredded
6-8 ice cubes

I think that serves about 2, though I'm drinking all of it myself. The pomegranate and mint really complement one another. It tastes verdant and tangy.

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