What I've Been Doing Other Than Blogging

Well, I went on my little spring break blogging rampage, and then plumb petered out. Here's what I've been doing.
1. Being extremely sad about the school shooting on the Red Lake Indian Reservation, and angry that it is consistently being run as secondary to the Terri Schiavo story. Even if a direct correlation can't be made regarding the privileging of one European American woman over ten Native American lives, I can't help but remember the enormous media response to the Columbine shootings. It is so overt that the media gives less importance to poor Native American people (39% of the residents of the reservation live beneath the poverty line).
2. Not knitting. It's been over a week.
3. Ben, his dad, and I went to The Getty Museum on Saturday, as well as the L.A. Farmers Market and Amoeba records. We also met Bernie Pershey, Ben's second cousin. He tours with Eric Burdon and the animals.
4. Attempting to have a conversation on the internet about abortion. I do not recommend this.
5. Writing a really crummy paper on poverty.
6. Losing four games in the racquetball tournament, of four games. This is not going well for me.
7. Congratulating Nathan Mattox and his wife, Lara, on their newborn, Wesley Garrett.
8. Walking out of a class out of sheer frustration.
9. Listening to Morning Becomes Eclectic on KCRW. I am so disappointed that I did not discover this incredible radio show before. I heard Shelby Lynne's beautiful tribute to Johnny and June (due out on a CD called Suit Yourself in May) and Ween's Push 'A Little Daisies.
10. Ben and I watched The Motorcycle Diaries last night. Excellent and heartbreaking. Even though as a pacifist I disagree with the violent means Che Guevara used to fight for revolution, seeing a film that approximates his experience of the poverty of South America was genuinely moving.

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