I've been pondering how on earth to write about the events of last weekend; I seem to be in the unusual state of speechlessness.

I spent the last few days surrounded by people I love dearly and who love me back. The ones who couldn't make it were loving me just as actively from afar, and vice versa.

I affirmed a faith in which I truly believe, and publicly committed myself to a vocation that brings me great joy.

I am still afraid, but my fears were diluted by the power of the laying on of hands - of experiencing the surprising tangibility of communal prayer.

I'm disconcerted by the preponderance of "I" in this post - "I've been... I spent... I affirmed... I am..." My experience of the weekend, of graduation and of ordination, was most definitely in the first person plural. I am terrifically grateful to be part of such a boldly loving and faithful we.

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