Now that I'm not in school anymore, I've decided its high time I learn some new tricks. I have therefore started practicing four new (and rather unlikely) activities.
1. Ben is my new football coach, and he is teaching me how to throw a mean spiral. It seems I have inherently decent catching skills. Who knew.
2. My Pa gave me a 45-minute clarinet lesson yesterday. I am not so good at this. I manage to blow a lot of air that never makes it into the instrument. I'm not so sure I'll be keeping this one up once back in California.
3. I have two scrapbook pages under my belt. This is definitely the realm of my sisters, but with all the stuff I've unearthed in the basement, I decided it would be apropos to paste up at least one book worth of memorabilia.
4. A few days ago I checked out a stack of library books on the subject of dog training. I am sooooo excited to get a dog once we move into our new place. I've learned lots about dog breeds, and I think I'm to the point where I could recognize a breed by name if I saw it on the street. Of course, we're still likely to be shelter-dog folks, but I now know that in addition to Retriever mixes, a Vizsla would be a gentle giant perfect for our temperaments.

My next trick will be to learn how to be a pastor- baptism by fire. Yikes.

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