I had a very Southern California day yesterday, and it was also a really good day. I have a feeling that I am finally acclimating to this wacky place, after over three years of living here.

I drove to Pasadena for a committee meeting. I took the 110, which goes straight through downtown LA. I had to be at the meeting at 9:30, so I got in the car at 7:30, along with every other resident of Southern California over the age of 16. I didn't have directions; not only do I have a grasp on Pasadena I have learned, roughly, which freeways go where. I listened to Johnny Cash and NPR news in the car, going 20 miles per hour and enjoying the gorgeous morning despite the traffic. Once I passed downtown, the traffic was negligible, and I realized that I have a favorite stretch of freeway- the stretch of the 110 between LA and Pasadena, which is all windy and treesy and dotted with art deco arches and tunnels. I drove 35 miles in 90 minutes, arriving in Pasadena in time to stop at the Fuller bookstore. (Fuller, please forgive me. For so long I thought you were a den of fundies. But no. You have an amazing bookstore. You have bright and helpful staff and a higher concentration of Anne Lamott than Jerry Jenkins & Tim Lahay. You have a Thomas Merton section. Expect my DMin application in three years.) I bought two Eugene Peterson books- The Message, which the hip salesperson commiserated with me when I told her I had vehemently avoided it for years, and Playing Christ in Ten Thousand Places, his new "spiritual theology." I stopped at a local coffeeshop in Altadena and saw my second verified famous person, Jann Carl from Entertainment tonight. Granted, she's not A-list, but every celebrity sighting can't be on the level of John Travolta. [Insert long meeting.] After the meeting, I accidentally got off the freeway in Koreatown, unwittingly handed my car keys over to a freebie valet service, and realized I was inexplicably at Olympic Spa. I have a feeling that I might accidentally end up in Koreatown after each of these monthly committee meetings. It was sooooo nice. Concentrated relaxation, for $15. I decided to take surface streets back home rather than face the freeway during rush hour again, and managed to talk to my Mama for the whole hourlong drive.
Ben and I bummed around with Deacon (who continues to be besieged by fleas) for awhile before I left for church to go to choir. I was all giggly when I got there, as the effects of my mugworts bath were still in my bloodstream. We capped off the evening with Jon Stewart and the Daily Show, which is quite possibly the funniest television show I've ever seen in my life.

And today- today!- I see the illustrious Lara Bruce.

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