Gladness and Generosity of Heart

I recently practiced a version of lectio divina with Acts 2:43-47. Lectio divina is a way of reading scriptures meditatively; it can be practiced alone or in groups, and usually the reader responds to questions like, "What does the text say? What does God wish for me to hear?" As I mulled over the text, I was particularly struck by the phrase, "they broke bread at home and ate their food with glad and generous hearts." I guess you could say I felt sort of convicted. I often don't eat well, literally or figuratively. I wait too long for lunch and then scarf down large amounts of crummy food at my desk. I also get lazy about cooking, so we end up spending too much money eating out. My sloppy eating habits leave me feeling anything but glad and generous at mealtimes. More like guilty and cranky. So in the course of my lectio divina prayer time, I decided that I needed to pursue this gladness and generosity thing: generally, yes, but specifically in relation to food. What's wild - maybe coincidental, maybe serendipitous, maybe just because I'm paying attention - is that the rest of this week has been filled with lovely food experiences. I have actually cooked dinner three times this week (with Ben's help, of course): barley & asparagus, potato pancakes, and pasta. I have also had three great lunches, with good company and conversation. Yesterday I drove down to San Pedro to visit Rosamond, and she had wisely suggested we bring packed lunches and eat in the park. I didn't even have to practice being glad, and I had a great opportunity to practice generosity. I'd brought an Asian pear from the farmers' market with some Trader Joe's chocolate-hazelnut spread for desert. We feasted.

May God give food to those who are hungry and a hunger for justice to those who have food.

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