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It's been going on a year now since I tinkered significantly with my minima blogger template. Last January, when Ben was away, I spent a ridiculous amount of time poring over html charts to get just the right combination of purple, orange, and blue. I've been wondering if I shouldn't revisit the color wheel - you know, change colors with the seasons (not that we have seasons in SoCal). But after playing around with a few possible makeovers, I've found that I'm actually quite attached to my plum #400040. Other color combinations just don't tickle me like this one. But I have been concerned with readability, especially since switching to a Mac. So rather than losing the trademark colors for something more traditional, I've made an even more drastic change: to a larger and non-serifed font. {Gasp.} I have long been a font snob, believing that intelligent sentences could only be contained within highly serifed fonts like Times and Georgia. Serifs are the typeface equivalent of eyeglasses: they make you look smarter. However, over the last year I have sensed that unmistakable warming of heart that accompanies true conversion. I've actually started to have a thing for the clean and rounded Trebuchet (I am particularly smitten with its unique glyph for "and," the elegant "&"). I will never stoop so low as to dine with Arial, and even if Jesus did hang out with the tax collectors, I will not touch Comic Sans with a ten-foot pole. Get thee back.

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