The Technorati Spiral

So, when I'm in between writing paragraphs for my sermon, I have this bad habit of rechecking blogs that I've already checked for the day. And then sometimes I mosey on over to Technorati, which is a fascinating little engine that specifically searches blogs. On their front page they have a list of the top-ten Technorati searches, with links. So basically, once something makes it into the top ten, Technorati generates more and more searches of said item, event, or person. It's a very self-hyping machine, but it really only hit me as super strange today when I poked around to discover that the third item on the top ten list is "impeach Bush." I clicked to see what the fuss was all about, only to find that a ton of the posts including the phrase are actually just jabbering about the fact that "impeach Bush" is in the top three Technorati searches.*


*Now, of course, mine is among these. Let the circle go unbroken...

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