Update on the Toddy Maker

I previously blogged about our purchase of the Toddy Maker, which purports to cold brew coffee that has less acidity than percolated or pressed coffee. The verdict is in.

I "brewed" thirteen ounces of perfectly good Arabica coffee for twelve hours. Submerging coffee grounds in cold water overnight creates a highly unappealing coffee syrup, which one is instructed to combine with three parts hot water.

If you think this sounds like a recipe for a weak substance that at best approximates coffee and at worst mocks it, you would be absolutely right.

Why didn't I see this coming?

Toddy Maker coffee offers the same satisfaction as flat pop. In its earnest quest to reduce acidity and bitterness, the Toddy Maker extracts everything that makes coffee so magnificently enjoyable. Maybe folks who like their coffee meek and mild would enjoy this. Any takers on the Maker?

In addition to drinking unpalatable coffee-like-substance this morning, we were out of cereal. I get out of bed in the morning to eat cereal and drink coffee. I begrudingly made a piece of toast to accompany my "coffee." The reconstructed conversation that ensued:

Husband: Why are you only having one piece of toast?
Wife: I don't like toast. I've never liked toast. I'm only eating it because we don't have cereal.
Husband: Well... I'm glad you were able to add some bitterness to your coffee.

(I'll go back to practicing gladness & generosity of heart at lunchtime.)

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