After having seen tons of people out walking their dogs in the neighborhood surrounding our church, I've decided to go ahead and be bold and organize a Blessing of the Animals for November 19th. The only thing is this: I have never done this before (I've been to them, but not in a leadership role), and I have a major deficit when it comes to thinking up details. So, dear readers, please help me out! This is what I've thought of thus far, in no particular order: Coffee & donuts for people, pet treats at least for dogs & cats, invitations to local pet shops to be present & pass out goodies, etc., notice on Craigslist, fliers to post at said petshops & to pass out on the RB strand (I'm going to take Deacon on a long walk and pass out fliers to as many folks as I can), water bowls (would it be tacky to have styrofoam? or should I set up rows of plastic bowls?), and then some sort of program that would involve giving people a chance to introduce themselves and their pets to the people present, and then go down the line and bless the creatures.

What am I not thinking of? When I ask people from church to help the day of, what am I asking them to do?

This funny graphic is on the fliers. Isn't he great!? I downloaded it for free at Youth Specialties. They offer one freebie a week.

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