Olfactorific Friday

Yesterday smelled good. Although the day started with yet another overwhelming whiff of Starbucks pastries, I took the beachmost route to work, and the salty air managed to squeeze out at least most of the greasy sugar stench. The good scents really picked up in the afternoon. When I was at the market getting the goods for homemade lasagna, I picked up a simple bouquet of pink flowers that smelled all clean and springy. When I arrived home, a surprise package from Mom waited on the stoop: a gorgeous wreath of autumn leaves sent to give us a taste of fall in Ohio. I tell you, I could not keep my nose out of that thing. As the homemade lasagna sauce simmered on the stovetop (again, unable to stop sniffing it, so floored was I that I created something that actually smelled like pasta sauce), I polished the furniture with Method brand almond polish.

Having a nose totally rocks.

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