Aunt Luella

This is my Great-Aunt Luella. She passed away in February of 2000, but lately I've been thinking about her a lot. She liked football, and made all kinds of wonderful crafty things. She was one of the few people on earth whom I resemble, although I didn't know that until a few years ago when Elizabeth sent me this snapshot. I love her little smile in this picture; it has a Mona Lisa quality about it.

She was also the only person who ever called me "Doll." When I am of an appropriate age to call young ladies "Doll," I shall carry on this quaint and endearing practice.

Note: Should you want to read the poem I wrote about Aunt Luella, visit Elizabeth's Two Peas portfolio. She incorporated it into a gorgeous layout about the written word. It's the left-most album on the second row.

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