Thankful, in no particular order

I am thankful....
for the lovely parsonage we live in
that I am learning how to play guitar, and that my bum wrist is letting me
that I can talk to my grandmother about knitting projects
for my new friend in Torrance
for Deacon
for the blogs of friends and family members, because they offer such delightful snapshots of their lives
for the RevGalBlogPals, because the intentional web community we've forged is invaluable
for coffee (again, invaluable)
that our freezer is full of Omaha Steaks from Mom
for my seminary education
for the unexpected and sometimes infuriating friendship of the Holy Spirit
for my dear friends and mentors at First Christian Church of Pomona
for my new church family
that I got a job as a pastor without having to remove my nosering
that I can see a mountain range, a peninsula, and the Pacific Ocean on my way to church
that Starbucks donates their extra pastries to our breakfast for the homeless
that there is a rockin' indie coffeehouse around the block from church
did I mention Deacon?
for The Daily Show, Degrassi: The Next Generation, and King of Queens
that we are going to spend Thanksgiving with family
for my cell phone, which enables me to talk to M & *D* almost daily
for my friends
for my family
for Maddie
for Gracie
for Lily
for Elizabeth
for Marie
for Matt
for BJ
for Mama
for *D*
for Mom
for Ben


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