Today During the Eating of the Breakfast

There was a boy named Jason Farris in a few of my creative writing workshops at Kent State. He was quite the character - used to do a great karaoke version of that Walrus song by the Beatles. Anyway, one day he brought an experimental poem to class. There was his original writing, and then a Spanish translation he acquired from one of those free online language translators. And then the real gem: the English translation of the Spanish translation of the original English. That's where things get really interesting - and why you should never use those things for your language homework.

So during the eating of my Kashi, I pasted a snippet into the translation machine - my recent and endearing tribute to my Pa. The result is uproarious, and I do so hope he appreciates it. Suddenly he has returned us into Dr. Drug addicts, and Ben has become Horseradish (!?), and I don't even know how "smitten" turned into "violently strike it."

1. It sounds so genuine happy when I call.
2. It gave to return all us in the Dr. Drug addicts of the CD of Pimienta-swilling, and we would not be Willises of another way.
3. He reads everything that I write, and takings he seriously.
4. It cheers gave the welcome to Horseradish tree in the family.
5. It is so punny.
6. It is musical amazing, and it has shared always its love for music with its daughters.
7. It has been to excessive the three that the Rin arranges.
8. He understands my humors.
9. It appreciates the mint and its humor, it embraces strange jokes on the granulated peanuts, and when he comments with respect to his blog, he it company/signature * D *.
10. They violently strike it obvious with its granddaughters.

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