Ben's Back

While Ben was in Joliet this weekend, I tried my best not to dissolve. I don't do well in the house by my lonesome; I end up eating Frosted Flakes for dinner and spending a lot of time in my pajamas, fiddling with my blog template. I could have accomplished so much on Saturday - the long overdue trip to the P.O. to send Andrea's birthday gift (um, yeah, her birthday is in JUNE), housecleaning, the first chapter of my novel - but no, I bummed around. It's all I could do to handle the basics. One of the things on my list of essentials was to remove all of Deacon's treasures from the backyard before the parsonage gardener came on Saturday morning. I was really paranoid that I would wake up and forget, so I left myself this note on the bathroom sink:When Ben saw it last night, he said, "Did you really think you were going to forget to pick me up from the airport?"

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