I've been pretty quiet lately. It's not so much that I haven't had anything to say... more that I haven't had anything nice to say so I figured I'd best not say anything at all. The post-Thanksgiving week was kind of a bummer. I had been looking forward to the big family get-together so single-mindedly, so I rather crashed after the trip. I was all but useless for the whole week. On Monday, I took a sick day to nurse a sore throat, and then on Tuesday a half-day to nurse an increasingly voracious strain of homesickness. Wednesday I spent a large part of the day driving up to Westwood for a clergywomen lunch. Thursday I actually worked, writing the majority of my sermon in one sitting. Despite all that I still took a day off on Friday to go bake Christmas cookies and process ministry with Julie, my mentor. I felt rather guilty, even though I suppose an occasional week like last is justifiable and unavoidable. What's more, Sunday morning worship was really quite amazing - there was just a lovely Advent energy in the air.

At any rate, I'm back, still hoping for a beautiful change.

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