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Edited to add: My sister just told me about Brett Dennen, and in particular this free download. Some of the lyrics: "The rabbi reads from the testament / The banker gazes at the year’s investments/ Salvation santa’s solicit for the poor / The deception of democracy
The philanderings of faux foreign policy/ The holidays are her and we’re still at war...Jesus sheds another tear / Into a sea of two thousand years/ Into the eve of a new year once more / Tears of joy and resolutions of sorrow/Toast to health and wealth tomorrow/The holidays are here and we’re still at war." I'm adding this to my soundtrack to the season.

Each week, Songbird offers up a meme for all the RevGalBlogPals. I've never responded before, but here goes:

1) If you had to choose CDs as a soundtrack for the Christmas season, what would they be?

Darkest Night of the Year, by Over the Rhine. It's the Christmas album that isn't. Really more of an Advent/Solstice sountrack. It leaves room for lamentation and joy.

Holiday Songs and Lullabies, by Shawn Colvin. Sweet, melancholy, perfect. A Willis family favorite.

The newest addition: Advent Sunset, a mixed CD given to me by Lara B. I especially like the Rufus Wainright Christmas song about the poor little rich boys.

2) How do you feel about singing all the verses of "The First Noel?" (Six in our hymnal, but apparently there are nine.)
I am not a fan of cutting out verses. Sing all of 'em.

3) "O, Come All Ye Faithful" has a lot of verses, too. Which is your favorite?
Arbitrarily, I like verse two. I like singing imperatively to the citizens of heaven.

4) What music do you play while opening presents?
Hmm, last night when we broke into some presents, Great American Country TV was on, as on Thursday nights they play "edgy" (read: not pop country) videos. That's not so Christmassy, though. Oops.

5) Which carols do you consider to be Christmas Eve essentials?
Any and all. I dearly love sacred Christmas music.

and a Bonus Question:

6) What, if any, is your favorite secular Christmas song?
I suppose Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, for I like to shout the extra lines ("LIKE GEORGE WASHINGTON!").

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