These are a few of my favorite things, Christmas 2005

*Rosamond's sweet-potato casserole (four years straight!)
*hand-me-down DVDs of The Vicar of Dibley
*book-shopping for my nieces
*discovering that Ben and I had both picked out O. Henry books for gifts
*the postal worker who managed to be so cheerful on December 23rd at 5:00pm
*the donation to First Book made in our names
*preaching my first Christmas Eve sermon
*the quality of light in the sanctuary at SBCC
*hearing Maddie spell M A D D I E and G R A C I E
*passing the light of Christ while singing Silent Night
*yarn, especially the beautiful lavendar yarn that Ben's sister gave me, and new knitting patterns
*Deacon's fur after a bath
*Christmas trees decorated with homemade decorations (especially the repurposed-milk-cap drums my Grandmother made)
*RevGalBlogPals, and A Light Blazes in the Darkness.
*the Christmas CD Elizabeth and Matt made called Really Good Christmas Music (very aptly titled)
*music in general
*my cell phone (otherwise I wouldn't have been able to hear Maddie spell anything while we were stuck in traffic for two hours getting out of town)
*big trampolines (you can't drag me off 'em)
*helping prepare breakfast on Christmas morning for the low-income and homeless population in Redondo Beach, even though so many people assumed we would cancel it for Christmas
*the calluses on my fingertips from playing Polly Jean and her acoustic cousin, Jeff's Old Guitar
*the really nice things visiting relatives of church members said to me
*giant yogurt-covered strawberries
*how much I learned about Christmas this year (from Jenee Woodard, Giles Fraser, and Carol Zaleski, among other people)
*lip balm and body scrub made by (and scented with) Peppermint
*having big, multicolored, retro Christmas lights up on the house
*the antique, library-rejected copy of Harriet Beecher Stowe's lesser-known work, Minister's Wooing
*the fact that this list is so far from comprehensive

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