Why I don't Scrapbook

As the "why doesn't Katherine scrapbook" hints have been flying perilously close to my head, I feel the need to settle this issue once and for all.

1. With two sisters and a handful of friends who excell at paper crafting, I have no need to dabble in scrapbooking. The majority of memorable family events are handled.

2. I store my photos in a stack on the bookshelf and/or in a shoebox. Approximately once I year I manage to preserve the best ones in cheapo Target photo albums (and yes, they are acid-free, though I don't know what acidic albums do other than cause scrapbookers to go scrapbonkers). The prospect of adding scalloped pinking shears, rub-ons, and glue sticks to my archiving procedures does not bode well for timely preservation.

3. I like yarn. A lot. And seeing as how I am already on a yarn diet, I have no business traipsing through any other aisles at JoAnne's.

4. I thoroughly enjoy looking at other peoples' layouts. I particularly love admiring layouts that are created by and feature people I love. I appreciate good design, well-shot photography, and the appropriate use of fancy fonts. I am an avid fan of scrapbooking. But I have only 1% desire to participate myself. That 1% is about 99% fueled by little sister instinct (I wanna do what they do!) That leaves precisely .01% of genuine desire to scrapbook. That isn't enough to merit the purchase of even a single grommet. Besides, every craft should have a lay appreciation society. The death of poetry is that hardly anyone reads it except poets. You should be begging me to resist the embellishments and complementary paisley papers.

There you have it. I'll go back to playing my guitars, knitting, and blogging now. But keep those layouts coming; I'm vicariously hooked.

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