Employee of the Month: My Sweet Husband

Ben works as a job coach for people with developmental disabilities. He is really good at what he does, and his company noticed. I am so proud of him! Since I am already embarrassing him a bit by broadcasting this little bit of news, I figured I'd top it off by including an ADORABLE photo, circa 1981.
Ben has been an excellent Program Specialist in the South Bay since he has joined ____ in August. He is a great team player, flexible with changes, and goes out of his way to help others. One of the ways he helps is by volunteering to do extra sites. Ben is a great role model for the consumers and works well with all consumers, encouraging them to do their best. He is very reliable and is the first to arrive at the recycle center in the morning, ensuring that the work area is safe for the consumers. In addition, Ben goes above and beyond for the consumers. For example, Ben took personal time to visit one of his consumers at the hospital to check up on him.

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