I used to be Katherine Willis (and before that, for seventeen years, I went by "Kay"). When your last name is Willis, a lot of people ask you what you're talking about. When Ben and I married I wanted the best of both worlds: a feministy retention of my "maiden" name, and a new name that rhymed with chocolate and didn't start with the third-to-last letter of the alphabet. So I became doubly middle named, a.k.a K.E.W.P., an acroynm which is no longer thinly veiled. (Even my Mama uses her full name on her blog, and since it would take a click and a guess to figure me out should one care to stalk me, I'm officially out.)

One of the fun things about being a Pershey is the strong guarantee that anyone who shares it is an in-law. And besides, I no longer have to share my name with Katherine Willis the Actress, shown here flirting with Billy Bob Thornton in Friday Night Lights.

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