Days in Texas: 4
Meals that involved dry meat slathered with cream sauce: 3 (out of 4 meals provided)
Pages read of Consider the Lobster (David Foster Wallace): 258
Business Cards collected: 9
Business Cards dispersed: 0 (whoops, I forgot 'em at home)
New e-mails: 48 (plus 25 spam)
New posts on the blogs I follow through Bloglines: 51
Sermons written: 0

Phone calls to Ben: lost count.

I have oodles to write. I was at a great conference on Congregational Transformation. But I'll probably forget it all when I sit down to blog it.


On a completely unrelated note, a couple times in the past few months, folks have told me they posted comments but that they didn't show up. I don't moderate comments; I think that the culprit behind the Missing Comments are the lovely dfijjs, qikjp, and xxwiob. Those comment verification words are buggers. If you misinterpret a gjkij for a gjkjj and don't notice the error message, your comment disintegrates into cyberspace.

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