Please remind me again why I care...

I actually tossed around the idea of making a gargantuan list of the many ways The Book of Daniel is utterly bogus, but I stopped myself when I realized that it wasn't even worth the time it would take to collate its many idiocies. But here I am, on post #3, complaining about a worthless television show. It's just that I read my weekly dose of the Soma Review this morning (the best source of religious commentary on the web), and I couldn't resist repeating this astute commentary. Just in case you needed another reason to hate the hopefully-short-lived dramedy.
... it’s this Jesus that is so perplexing. Daniel’s problems are, by and large, the problems of affluent Americans—designer drug dependency, acquisition and retention of wealth and image enhancement. And all Jesus has to say is “life is hard for everyone?” Why doesn’t He haul Daniel right down to the urban ghetto, or spirit him away to terrorist-shattered Iraq, or AIDS-ravaged Africa, and show him how hard life really can be? That’s the sort of Jesus I encounter in scripture.
-Theresa Blythe, "Desperate Clergy"

p.s. Soma offers a wicked caption for this photo...

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