O Happy Day

1. The bathroom in our bedroom is now a luscious shade of turquoise. Somehow I managed to rally after church yesterday, and instead of descending into my usual comatose state, I descended upon the paint aisle at Home Depot. I love color, and it's been years and years since I've been able to paint walls (thanks to the joy of apartment living). Thankfully, we were given permission to paint the parsonage. Saturated color is good for my soul. [edited to add: picture.]

2. Guess who's coming to town again? Over the Rhine will be at the Knitting Factory on May 15th. And if that weren't enough to make me giddy for the next two and a half months, they'll be touring with Hem. I cannot overstate how very happy this makes me. [edited to add: I just had a terrible 30 seconds in which I realized that the concert is on a Monday, and board meetings are on Mondays, and oh my goodness please don't let this be the second Monday... crisis averted, it's the third Monday after all. Whew.]

3. We're going to play a little game of who said what. The choices are "wife" and "husband."
Call: There is bird poop all over your car.
Response: There is bird poop all over your soul!

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