We are playing host to Ben's sister and her family this weekend. Among our guests is the nephew who had a very acute case of appendicitis a little over a week ago; it is amazing and wonderful and (every other big word meaning marvelous) to see him revivified. Thank you, dear Internet, for your prayers.

I made breakfast this morning: scrambled eggs, English muffins, Chicken Apple sausage, and fresh pineapple and strawberries. Everything turned out very well, and we laughed as much as we ate. After breakfast we played Mad Gabs and Pictionary, and I caught a bit of the new generation of Saturday morning cartoons.

It's getting late, now, and I'm here trying to finish my sermon. The rest of the gang went to the the MotorCross, which is some sort of mega event for dirt bike racing. Ben called a bit ago to tell me that he'd won some contest and was going to be called down to the stage... er, dirt pile, to stand and get jumped-over by some professional dirt-biker. What's more, this event was to be broadcast on the Speed channel tomorrow afternoon. Do you believe it? I did. But it was just Ben spinning a yarn.

Two casting-out-demons stories in two weeks makes for a weary preacher. Thanks, Mark. Thanks, lectionary.

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