Tea, Beautiful Tea

I like tea. I like teapots. I have a tea cozy (without irony). But I don't have the same passionate relationship with tea as I do French Roast coffee. When I wake up in the morning, I don't think, "Oh, a spot of tea would be just lovely." I think, "COFFEE STAT." I can go days, even weeks, without remembering that a cuppa tea would make marathon sermon writing sessions a bit more enjoyable.

However, our new church secretary brought in a box of green and white tea that smelled so good my latent tea tendencies have blossomed once again. I realized that I couldn't keep bogarting her tea without providing something other than the crummy, stale box of Lipton I'd deposited on the community tea shelf. So last time I was at Whole Foods I bought a box of this:
It's amazing. It smells phenomenal, and then to my delight, I discovered that the teabags are unlike the flimsy paper pouches that cradle most teas:
It's hard to tell from the picture, but it's actually a little slip of satiny fabric with the tea sewn in. Lovely!

I'm sold. Not that the coffee habit is budging, but I'm less likely to forget about tea now that I've discovered Mighty Leaf. Lipton, get thee back!

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