It's a Party

My parents are here this week. Even though I kicked off the first 24 hours of their visit with a raging case of the stomach flu, we're having a mighty fine time.

Ben kicks into high humor gear when we have company. There are more people around to laugh at his jokes, I guess, so he turns into the Funniest Man on Earth (normally he's the Fourth Funniest Man on Earth). He did a fabulous impression of my napping father last night.

By far the biggest laugh so far was in reaction to my mother's new cholesterol treatment: four pills of fish oil each evening. Apparently a possible side effect is to begin smelling like a fish. In our family, this sort of thing becomes fodder for many puckered fish lips and sniffs in the general direction of my mother. We also came up with a few more possible side effects, including an intense desire to swim.

Maybe you had to be there. Maybe you had to be a Willis/Pershey. But we were practically falling off the cozy couch in hysterics last night. O, the joy of family!

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