Party is here too!

Yea! Elizabeth! I'm proud too! I've never met you but I think you are great!-Deacon
ok, it's not Deacon, it's Marie-Katherine asked me to break into her blog to say congrats-she will be back soon :)

edited by Katherine to add: My invitation to the party got lost in the mail, so to speak. But even though I'm not wearing a party hat, I am so very excited for my sister Elizabeth. She is among the 25 scrapbook artists who were named to the Hall of Fame 2006 for Creating Keepsakes. You can read her response - and listen to the wire-tapped phone call in which she was informed of her win - here. I just listened to it, and let me just say that the tears are streaming down my cheeks. I am so proud of Elizabeth, and Marie, and my parents for always encouraging our creativity. I love you all!

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