A Meme

I was tagged by Marie...

in my fridge
1. Dr Pepper
2. Many half-empty condiments and dressings
3. Lots of Costco brand yogurt
4. Soy Milk (also in bulk, thanks to Costco)
5. Many apples (also in bulk, thanks to Costco)

in my closet
1. My new black clerical robe from WomenSpirit - unlined for the summer months
2. Air Mattress
3. More clothes... this is a pretty boring closet
4. Let's move on to the hall closet... quilting & knitting supplies
5. Homesewn napkins from Rebecca

in my purse (which would be the "gi-normous" bag that Lisa wrote about here)
1. Wallet
2. Church-issued calendar
3. Gum
4. Cell phone
5. Church directory

in my car
1. Lots of Derek Webb CDs (I'm hooked, I tell ya)
2. Various other CDs
3. New map of Los Angeles
4. Various Happy Meal toys (hey, it's a good way to have the junk food in moderation!)
5. Ice scraper <-- tee hee, this is Marie's fifth answer, but I'll leave it here to say I do NOT have such a trinket in my car :-)

on my TiVo
1. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
2. The entire second season of Project Runway; I cannot bear to delete it
3. Degrassi: The Next Generation
4. Vanity Fair (been meaning to watch it for awhile now)
5. OK, here's the big confession: Sex in the City. I'm totally hooked on the edited version. Miranda never fails to make me laugh, and their friendship never fails to make me weepy.

I tag...
You wanna do it? Consider yourself tagged.

(Psst... today I'll meet a RevGalBlogPal... in real life!)

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