Carlsbad Flower Fields

Yesterday I tagged along on a congregational trip to Carlsbad, CA to tour the Flower Fields. And yes, halfway there I realized that it would have been really nice to get ahold of any number of friends and family living in San Diego - cousin Julie, Aunt Pat, beloved-friend-of-the-whole-family Susie. But I didn't really process that I was going on the trip until the morning of; this is part of my new inability to imagine the future. Taking one thing at a time can be a little blinding, eh? Anyway, I forgot my cell phone so I couldn't even try at the last minute. Alas.

Even without the benefit of the people I would have really liked to see, the Flower Fields were amazing. I didn't know a thing about them, so I was pleasantly surprised to discover that their trademark flowers are Ranuculus. I love Ranunculus, and have loved them for about a month now when I discovered a perfect bouquet at Wilson Farmer's Market. The Fields are both a tourist attraction and a working ranch. The big crop is the Ranuculus bulb; only about 2% of the flowers themselves are sold.

While I didn't have my cell, I did have that other essential accessory of the postmodern era: my digital camera.

Man with many blooms:
If you look rather close, you can see the hummingbird that is feasting on one of the few non-Ranunculus flowers in the shot. Ranuculus don't have scent or nectar, so they are of no use to the hummingbirds:
See, they really do make the perfect bouquet:
I like the way the tractor mirrors the green & yellow flowers.:
Have a lovely weekend, ya'll. Wave those Palm branches and sing Hosanna.

This Sunday I will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of my baptism.

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