I've had a burst of energy lately. Good energy. Energy enough to get me off the couch on Sunday afternoon and onto the beach for a nice long walk out to the Palos Verdes Peninsula. Energy enough to rout our disastrous home office. (Yes, "rout" is the right word. This room never really got unpacked. Over the weekend, I unearthed boxes that were recognizably contents of entire drawers from our campus apartment. Yowch.) I've also been experiencing a resurgence of interest in work-related reading, that is, books about God. I definitely still have a need for Jennifer Weiner in my life, but I'm all over the books I checked out of the CST library last week. And I'm not just reading them. I'm recognizing all kinds of fabulous connections to life at church, and implementing bits of what I've learned into what I'm doing there. And quick-like. I started reading Gathered Before God on Saturday night, and it had a major impact on my pastoral presence as we worshipped on Sunday morning.

I think this is an Easter thing. And a finally-settling-into-being-a-pastor thing. For all that it is, I thank God for it.

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