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I never wanted to hyphenate my name, but I've always wanted to hyphenate my vocation. In seminary, I fretted greatly over the plausibility of being a pastor and a writer. Surely, writing sermons week after week would require all my ink, right? I've been pleasantly surprised that I still have energy leftover for other writerly pursuits; in fact, writing here often serves as an excellent warm-up to the homiletical writing, as well as an outlet for that which is not appropriate for the pulpit. I've worried a bit about the matter of the time I spend doing non-church writing, but every pastor needs a hobby. Some Revs go skeet shooting; I tinker with words. And I really believe that extra-curricular writing makes me a better pastor, as it enables me to respond to the fullness of my calling. (Can you really say the same of skeet shooting?)

After years of self-publishing and/or non-publishing, I've begun sending a few pieces out here and there. Mostly here. I'm super keen on SoMA Review. I've been downright redundant in calling SoMA "the best religious commentary site on the web." Not to be shamelessly self-promoting, but yours truly has now had two pieces published on the site. The first was a republication of my blog post about Brokeback Mountain, and the newest is a review of the new hymns project trend in Contemporary Christian Music. Readers of any day may recognize a couple paragraphs, as I lifted them from my I love Derek Webb post.

Anyway, I'm happy to have a hyphen.

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