Three Photos

Here's hoping that my dear fellow bloggers featured to my right in this photograph don't kill me for posting this 1998 gem. Meet the ladies of The Committee, the nexus of my social life in high school. We're all dolled up here for the last choir concert of our senior year. I had actually excused myself from all things choral by that point, opting instead to hang out with the chainsmoking poets of Kent State in a Intro to Creative Writing class instead of sticking it out in Notables Show Choir. But at the last concert of our senior year, Rebecca (second from right), Lindsey (third from left) and I (polka dots) sang Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy one last time.

I love these girls.

Meanwhile in 2006, Deacon stops to smell the flowers. We are surrounded by geraniums. I like geraniums, but there's no getting around the fact that they will always remind me of cemetaries, as these were the flowers of choice for our many gardening trips to the family plot in Lenox, OH. It's not a bad association, per se, as those trips were actually good fun. We always stopped off at the Other Cemetary that had the very large bell. Before my time, one day my mother couldn't take it anymore and gave it a big ring.

Also in recent news, this is the linen arrangement I provided for Lisa on her recent CA jaunt (superbly blogged about here and here). Lest you ever consider to allow me to redecorate your guest bedroom, you should know the nature of my taste.

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