Tickety Tickety Tock

I finally purchased our tickets to the May 15th Over the Rhine show at The Knitting Factory. Weehoo. A few notes:

1. As much as I love Hem, I would have been mighty miffed if they got top billing. Mighty miffed. Yes, Hem is fabulous, but Over the Rhine has been fabulous since I was eleven years old.

2. They must be getting bigger, because I've never paid this much - even in Los Angeles - to see Karin and Linford. Of course, they're still cheap compared to what one would pay to see U2 or the LA Philharmonic. It pays to love semi-obscure folk pop.

3. KCRW is presenting the show. Does this mean the band will stop by Studio 1 for a heart-to-heart with Nic Harcourt? Here's hoping.

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