Happy Belated Administrative Professionals Day, Charise

Earlier this week, I gasped. I realized that Administrative Professionals Day had already passed, and I had not offered Charise, my new Office Assistant/ Secretary/ Friend, so much as a post-it note of gratitude. I hollered an apology from my office to hers, and she scoffed at my alarm and told me to blog about it. So I am.
I have a great church secretary. I am still loathe to be the boss-woman, but Charise helps me work through my inability to ask her to staple some sermon commentaries without apologizing profusely. She says things like, "That's why I'm here," and cheerfully reminds me to purchase the office supplies I said I'd pick up, oh, three months ago. She's also willing to take work home, like the time I asked her to scan in the odd yet impressive pro-life Jesus postcard we received at the office.

Charise is also funny and brilliant, as you will note if you read her blog. She writes gracefully about parenthood and "pooh" (we have a difference of opinion regarding the spelling of this word, but since it likely won't come up in the church newsletter, I'm not concerned).

I could go on. She's great with church members. She helped me design our new church website. She regularly claims victory over our uncooperative copy machine. But in this Belated Administrative Professionals missive, I want to publicly thank Charise for making me feel a lot less crazy. Even though the world tells me I'm an impostor, that a 25-year-old girl with a nose ring could not possibily be the solo pastor of a congregation, Charise tells me otherwise. Long after Charise has moved on to her next career as a paralegal (and the one after that as a lawyer), I hope that we still meet regularly at Catalina Coffeehouse to talk about life, faith, and the antics of her twin boys.

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