Meme Time

My friend Nathan tagged me for an original meme: five reasons I think I'm cool. I guess one has to believe in one's coolness to participate... is it ever cool to self-identify as cool? Oh well, here goes.

1. I have the faint remainder of a stamp (that says "FOLD") on my inner right forearm. This is because last night I was out with Ben & his dad at a legendary club called the Derby in Los Feliz (near Hollywood). We'd recently discovered a funky band called the Ditty Bops and decided to check out their CD release show. Great music and all sorts of kitschy stuff reappropriated in an appropriately hip fashion: accordions, percussion via washboard, a wobbly wah-wah saw, back up dancers made up of one of the singer's grandmother's Jazzercize classes. Fun, fun fun! Compared to the hipsters in attendence, I felt very uncool, but in retrospect perhaps I am cool by association.

2. I named a fish Penelope when I was very young. Later, I named another fish Bartholomew Ingrid (covering all the gender bases), and was scandalized when my parents insisted on calling him/her Fishburger.

3. My wedding dress was pink. And from dELiA*s.

4. I took so many gym classes in college that I couldn't get credit for all of them.

5. I was the first of my family members and the majority of my close friends to start blogging. Given that this has become a fun way to keep in touch with one another, I'm glad I jumped on this particular bandwagon and dragged a whole lot of people on for the party.

There you have it. I'm cool.

I tag the following cool kids: Charise, Ben, Purechristianithink, Mama, and Daddy. Oh, no? Where will Daddy post his answers? Will he guest-blog on Library Bookie, or will he start his own?

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