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Dear Karin & Linford,

I wanted to thank you for doing another West Coast tour this year. I miss the days when I lived in Ohio and was able to catch five shows in one year! I only discovered the band in 2000, with the rerelease of GDBD. I was killing time between class at Kent State, exploring the new listening stations at the book store. I heard the first ten bars of Latter Days, and had the clearest thought: "I have discovered my favorite band. This will be my favorite band for the rest of my life." Seven shows, every album, a goofy picture of me with Linford after the San Diego show last year, and an Orchard membership later, that love-at-first-listen is truer than ever. Your music carried me through courtship with my husband, three years of seminary, and my first months as a solo pastor of a little church in Redondo Beach. The Knitting Factory show will actually be the one-year anniverary of my ordination in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). I can't think of a better way to celebrate than in the presence of the music that consistently breaks me open to the movement of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you.

Traveling Mercies and Deep Peace,

Of course I got a response. A really kind one. Four minutes later. I love this band. But you already knew that.

p.s. There are eight OtR allusions in this poster. I didn't pick up on too many, but definitely the bottle labeled "Sure Defeat."

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