1. About six weeks ago, Ben and I won our third set of concert tickets from KCRW (otherwise known as the greatest radio station ever). This time the goods are seats for the Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young show in Orange County later this summer. The accompanying CD came today - Young's Living With War. Despite the fact that its a beat-up promo copy with no book, it's so very good. I wasn't sure about the descriptor "metal-folk," as I couldn't imagine the musical love-child of Indigo Girls and Metallica, but it works.

2. I had one of those rare experiences wherein I was able to go into a store and walk out with four decent work shirts that fit and contain enough fabric to actually qualify as clothing, all for under $30. The shirts are conservative yet age-appropriate - thank you, baby Jesus!

3. I feel funny when I pour soy milk on my Froot Loops.

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