Home Sweet Home

1. As if I needed anything else to keep me busy this week, I'm painting our bedroom Cabbage Green. One more coat to go. And since I found my digital camera (it went missing before I left for vacation), I'll post photos later. You read this blog solely to know our painting decisions, right?

2. I gave Ben a job while I was painting: replace disfunctional light switch. According to the rules and regulations of our marriage, this means that it is definitely my fault that he got a big shock in the process. He's fine, thank God, and I think my heart skipped as many beats as his did when I heard him holler. No more attempts at electrical prowess for us. From now on we'll call in my brother-in-law, B.J., who got into a lot of trouble with his wife while I was home due to his purchase of a game that delivers electrical shocks to the last person to push the button when the music stops. We have a free version of the same game.

3. As of yet, I have been unsuccessful in convincing Ben that the everyday use dishes we need are the kitchy Corelle ones I mentioned last week. I blame Kate Spade. Talk about hearts fluttering; Ben nearly fainted when he saw these at Macy's last week. Yes, dear, they're darling. And one dish costs nearly half the price of four places settings over in the Corelle department.

And with that, I'm going home. Today was successful: the first of three homilies I need to write this week is COMPLETE.

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