New Favorites

I love Creative Communications for the Parish. Their aesthetic is decidedly un-hokey, and given the utter tackiness of so many religious products, this is nothing short of miracle. I'm about to write some birthday cards, and I can't tell you how happy I am to send off a note that has been calligraphed, "LORD, I have time - I have plenty of time - All the time that you give me - The years of my life - The days of my years - The hours of my days - They are mine to fill, quietly, calmly - To fill completely up to the brim ... To offer them to You" (Michel Quoist). There are more here; they are beautiful greeting cards regardless of whether one uses them for the parish or not.

Another thing on my new favorites list is Bright Eyes' album I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning. I realize that everybody and their brother discovered Conor Oberst a few years ago when all the New Dylan comparisons were being bandied about. Even though we bought the CD, I guess I never much paid attention to it. But suddenly I realized how beautiful and tragic it is, and I've found myself listening to it incessantly and having to sit down to recover from certain lyrics.

A couple nights ago we watched The Girl in the Cafe, a British romantic drama about poverty and the G8 Summit. That sounds like a strange description, but it's apt. It explores the dissonance between idealism and realism in a way that isn't at all heavy-handed. One of the bonus features is a video publicizing the One Campaign. Very good film.

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