Fun with Parents

My parents are here. They are very big fans of California, and are generally up for all manner of So-Cal adventure. They still reminisce about the 2004 Hermosa Beach Volleyball Tournament. Which isn't to say that we actually attended the event; merely milling around outside amidst all the free samples of pomegranate juice and photo-ops with life-sized cardboard lifeguards was sufficiently thrilling. One of the things that I love (love, love, love) about my family is that we are capable of turning completely ordinary occasions/events/objects into cherished experiences. We are easily entertained, and entertain one another just as easily.

Yesterday we decided to stay close to home, so we explored the Palos Verdes Peninsula. From the peninsula on a clear day, you can see the Port of LA, Catalina Island, and a large swath of the Los Angeles basin - as far away as the San Gabriel and San Bernardino Mountains. We had a picnic lunch at Abalone Cove, after which we blithely walked past signs indicating we were in rattlesnake country to follow the winding and rocky trail down to the water. I love the sound of feet on dusty, tide-worn stones.

After the hike, we took the long way to the Palos Verdes Art Center. It's a small and wonderful gallery. One of the exhibits was the all-media juried contest, which included a woolen yurt, a lampshade made of pastel hair-rollers, and various and sundry photographs, paintings, and prints.

I wanted to go see Shakespeare by the Sea, only it wasn't at the sea... more like, as Ben said, by the LA River (they go on tour in August). So instead we went to the Kettle, otherwise known as Everybody's Favorite Restaurant.

And we still managed to watch a couple episodes of Project Runway. I'm telling you, these people are fun.

The view from Abalone Cove. Did I mention this is 20 minutes from our doorstep?

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