Drop Your Sword

I watched The Princess Bride again for the first time in years. I hadn't forgotten how much I loved it in the late 80s. I just thought I was too cool for it as I grew up - first when I realized that nearly everybody in my freshman year dorm cited it as a favorite movie, and later when I started eschewing movies for films. Now I'm wondering what else I'm missing out on, and wanting to rid myself of any residual "too cool" toxins. Because dude, The Princess Bride rocks. Its dialogue, characters, and plot were so woven into my childhood imagination. It sparked my fencing phase, which was fueled by the plastic light sabers my bestest friend Lara and I acquired at the circus in 1989. I vividly remember losing a match by toppling backwards over Lara's Barbie Playhouse; the resulting bruise on my tush matched the purple turrets of the mansion. We soon discovered that her dad had a real sword rusting away on a high shelf in the basement. We petitioned her mom that we had practiced so much with the plastic that we were ready for the real thing. Seeing as how we gave ourselves horrible red welts all over our arms and legs with the toys, in retrospect I respect Mrs. S____'s decision to forbid sharpened metal playthings.

The Princess Bride just made me deliriously happy when I was a kid. I'm so glad its charms still work on me now.

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