1. Many have wondered what I wore to the wedding last weekend. I went with a dress I bought for $20 this summer at Target. I love it. It's brown jersey with a late 70s vibe. I wear it with a orangey tank top I inherited from Marie and my green turqoise necklace. The whole ensemble makes me feel like a backup singer for Emmylou Harris. Which, incidentally, is exactly the look I'm going for most of the time. Also worth mentioning is that when I enthusiastically admired a friend's Diane Von Furstenbergish wrap dress, she said she'd purchased it at Talbot's. (Talbots: 2; Forever 21: 0)

2. Hem. Hem, Hem, Hem. No, this isn't more about clothes. It's about the band that I just don't know what to do with. See, a couple years ago I thought I'd confirmed my top three musicians/bands: Over the Rhine, Ron Sexsmith, and The Innocence Mission. Then Hem comes along and screws everything up. Because they really are That Good. (Why it has to be three is a mystery, except that I think in three's. Trinity, trilogy, trifecta.) Anyway, their new album, Funnel Cloud, is as lovely as those that came before it. (Indeed, I've finally stopped obsessively listening to Christina Aguilera thanks to the folks from Hem.) I'm especially taken with "The Pills Stopped Working," which includes the breathstealing line, "The whole world's sinking down in the bay/ The sun is treading water." The. sun. is. treading. water. Lines like that give me goosebumps.

3. I hereby beseech thee to read The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger.

4. Bravo will soon start showing Six Feet Under in syndication. I'm thrilled. It's an amazing show that deals with big questions about life, death, grief, and faith in a surprisingly nuanced manner.

5. Also on my nightstand is Seven Things They Don't Teach You in Seminary by John Killinger (why do I read books like this in bed?). It's an honest account of pastoral ministry. If I'd read it last year I would have fainted.

6. My sister Elizabeth was featured on World Talk Radio's Diva Craft Lounge last week. The big secret I've been keeping was announced - she's writing a book about scrapbooking to be published through Simple Scrapbooks sometime next year. And this month, the Hall of Fame 2006 book comes out. Maddie, one of my nieces, is on the cover. This will incite a whole new season of me sauntering up to the book & magazine aisle of JoAnn's and casually telling anyone in earshot that THIS IS MY NIECE.

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