Not being a student anymore definitely has its perks, and two of my favorites are getting to select my own reading material (yay chick lit) and being free to explore alternative document styles with impunity. Back in the day, I was allergic to anything outside of academically acceptable styling. Margins were set at 1 inches, and font choices included everything from Times to Times New Roman.

I appreciate the free rein I have for church memos and publications. I print most documents with a .6 inch margin, as I can save a lot of paper without sacrificing readability by limiting the white space. I've befriended other schools of font, always minding that one should consider content and context when selecting typeface. (i.e., Thou shalt not type "DANGER" in Comic Sans). No matter the document, I always enjoy the 30 seconds it takes me to select the appropriate font.

However, this week Lindsey (look! she has a link - a new blog!) scandalized me by sharing that as a professional graphic designer, she never, ever, ever uses default fonts, the ones that come standard with word processing programs. Professional fonts can be super pricey, but there are plenty of good free fonts available for amateurs looking to add some design cache to their desktop publishing.

Here are 19 "Free Quality Fonts," and you can follow the link to 19 more. I'm particularly fond of the Smeltery. It has an air of francophilia to it that I'm digging. My days of Maiandra and Agency FB are numbered... or should I say "lettered"?

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