Metablog (Redux)

It would seem that many a blogger occasionally questions the purpose and/or future of his or her blog. I certainly do. And have been. I write in the blog format for two reasons: connecting with family and colleagues, and maintaining a regular writing practice. The first of these aims is still going swimmingly. I've forged some genuine friendships through this medium, and keep in touch with lots of people from different realms of my life. But the writing part... I've noticed that my posts haven't been very writerly lately. I was on a roll last year, writing mini essays expressly for this format in addition to writing my weekly sermons. That momentum has petered out a bit. My intentions to write regularly for other publications have stagnated. I've certainly experienced inconsistencies in my writing life in the past - the two years I went without writing a single non-academic or -eccesiastical word precipitated the birth of the blog - but previously I could just put the pen away and call it a day. Now I have this thing that needs maintained, kind of like one of those electronic pets that chirp when they're hungry. I don't want to be the steward of a stale blog. If I'm going to do this, I want it to be worth it, to me and to the handful of people who click over.

In the midst of all this, I recently saw the publicity materials for a regional women's convocation at which I will be speaking next spring. Not only did my bio include a reference to my "beloved dog Deacon," it mentioned ye olde blog. Or, more accurately, I mentioned it, as I'm the one who composed the bio. After the fact, seeing it in print startled me: how did this strange new mode of communication come to be enough of my identity that it made the three-line bio?

This is all to say... well, I'm not sure what it's all to say. This isn't an "I'm quitting blogging" post, as I would like to think that I still have something to say, and I do think that the democratic publishing method of web-logging has merit. But this better get better, you know what I'm sayin'? Any day a beautiful change... please.

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