The slow adjustment.

In addition to loving daily walks, Deacon also loved the natural jerky treats we used to buy from Whole Foods (because we are perhaps just a little bit yuppie). We liked to think his favorite was the bison version, mainly because we liked calling it "bison butt," as in, "Come git yur bison butt, Mister!" (because we are perhaps just a little bit loony). So I was undone when I walked by the pet section today on my way to pick up soy milk. To top off a weepy evening, we also received two cards: a sympathy note from the vet, and a card from Ben's co-workers containing a donation for Friends of Animals, the wonderful shelter that took care of Deacon for a year before we adopted him. I am literally counting down the days until we adopt another dog. I know we need time, I know we can't replace Deacon. But I am accruing this enormous amount of animal-nurturing energy and have nowhere to put it.

I promise I will stop dog-blogging soon.

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