I was tagged by Marie to reveal five areas of personal weirdness. Isn't this what blogging is for, after all? :-)

1. I included the sentence "i love target's hosiery clearance" in an email to Elizabeth today.

2. I have two gargoyles, one plastic skull, and one cartoon about hell on my study desk at church. And one cross. I am wondering if this previously unnoticed detail makes people wonder about me.

3. I am a sucker for mythologically resonant foods, which explains why I was totally into pomegranates years before the whole juice craze errupted. I decided to force myself to like olives a few years ago, and now I genuinely love them (especially with garlic, melted brie and crusty bread).

4. I did not, as a child, have imaginary friends. Rather, my real friend and I spent many a recess being chased by imaginary cannibals.

5. I am a young female minister. And while that may not be so strange in the blogworld I roll with, there are actually very few social situations in which this is not considered astronomically weird.

Those wishing to reveal their weirdness to the world may consider themselves tagged.

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